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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Universal Protective Packaging, Inc. (UPPI) develops, engineers, and manufactures custom, thermoformed trays and clamshell packages that are easy to use, and provide the sterile barrier and protection needed for catheters. UPPI’s medial customers boast with confidence in knowing their product will not only be manufactured to industry standards, but within their established quality standards and time constraints; saving not only time and money but maintaining their reputation as a leader within the medical device industry.

UPPI’s Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions will:

Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

  • Problem: Company needed to reduce labor and packaging material costs associated with the packaging of a very large product
  • Solution:
    • Decreased the amount of pieces to assemble from a dozen to two
    • Reduced labor from 1 hour to 5 minutes
    • Decreased the amount of packaging material to one – plastic
    • Reduced the packaging’s piece price by 75%
    • UPPI pushed the thermoformed packaging industry’s forming capabilities by producing a 4 ft part
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Increased ease of identification
    • Increase product visibility for marketing purposes
    • Streamlined practical use of the product
    • Reduced inventory space needed